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Our Sheep Milk

Bottle of Shellswood Dairy sheep milk

What makes sheep milk so good?

Shellswood Dairy is producing quality farm fresh sheep milk in an ethical and environmentally friendly manner. Sheep milk is a great natural alternative to other dairy products being a nutritious and easily digestible A2 milk.

A2 Milk

The A1 milk versus A2 milk discussion relates to the type of beta casein proteins contained in the milk of a dairy animal. All sheep breeds are A2, and so sheep milk can be enjoyed by many people who cannot tolerate other dairy products. A2 sheep milk has also been linked to improvements in conditions such as eczema and asthma.

Naturally homogenised

Being naturally homogenised, the fat molecules in sheep milk are small enough to stay suspended in the milk, which makes for an easier digestive experience, and gives it a creamy consistency.

Early research shows that sheep milk can be digested in 45 minutes, while cow milk can take well over two hours; this is of benefit not only to people with milk intolerances, but also to athletes looking for rapid absorption of nutrients post exercise, or those looking for the perfect nightcap.

Deliciously creamy

The great taste and creaminess of sheep milk comes from a higher proportion of milk solids and ‘healthier’ unsaturated fats.

Sheep cream contains plentiful amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). These two types of fatty acids are particularly beneficial to health.

This creaminess makes sheep milk a perfect addition to your favourite coffee.

High in B12 and Folate

Sheep milk is high in vitamin B12 and folate. Studies have shown that it is nearly 50% higher in these nutrients than cow milk and 7-8 times higher than levels in goat milk.

Sheep milk is also higher in iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, thiamine, riboflavin, and other vitamins.

Our Products

Fresh Milk

Pasteurised fresh milk in 500 ml bottles is available during the milking season

Other products are under development

Our Farm

Shellswood Dairy is based at Manor Farm, Aldbourne where the Brown family has been farming on the rolling Marlborough Downs for 300 years. Sheep have been farmed on this beautiful chalk downland since the Middle Ages, first for their wool, then their meat, and now on this farm also for their milk.

The Brown family believes in a mixed farming system with both arable crops and livestock. This offers great bio-diversity for wildlife, and has the benefit of being able to produce on the farm most of the grazing and supplementary feeds needed in the production of high quality sheep milk.

The farm started to diversify into sheep milk three years ago, encouraged by the next generation, their belief in this highly nutritious product, and by the ethical credentials of producing sheep milk. The sheep graze around the farm most of the year, except in the winter when they are brought in to spacious open sheds for shelter and extra rations of home-produced forage.

Here at Shellswood Dairy the aim is to minimise all synthetic inputs, with an emphasis on biological methods to improve the health of our soil, our sheep, our sheep milk and ultimately ourselves.

The Sheep

Shellswood Dairy has about 450 sheep cared for in two flocks, one flock milking in the spring and early summer and the other flock over the winter months. On the farm are also the young lambs, and the ewe lambs from the previous year waiting to be introduced into the flock.

The main breeds are Freisland and Lacaune, with other crosses introduced through breeds such as North County Mule, Wiltshire Horn, Dorset and Shetland as a selective breeding programme. Each breed brings different attributes and behaviours, which adds a great deal of character and genetic diversity to the flock.

Ewe health is considered to be as important as yield. The modern parlour records the production of each ewe, and the next generation of milkers is also being selected on traits such as temperament, conformation and health. The welfare of the sheep is a top priority, and is monitored daily both through the parlour and out on the pastures.

The lambs are usually kept with their mothers for a month, before being weaned onto quality grass. This system of allowing the ewes to raise their own lambs gives the lambs a good start in life, and is low in stress for the ewes, and the farmer!

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